But do you also know exactly where these cities are?

But do you also know exactly where these cities are?

A matter of luck: the green card lottery

If you do not meet any of the above requirements, you can also take part in the green card lottery. In which "Diversity Immigrant Visa Program" so the official name, 50,000 visas are given away every year. The registration period for the green card lottery takes place every year in autumn, the lucky ones are determined at random and can receive their green card after a successful examination and an interview.

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The only requirements are at least twelve years of school attendance and two years of professional experience. In Germany, a secondary school leaving certificate followed by an apprenticeship is usually sufficient. Registration for the green card lottery is only possible online, for example via the website of the US Consulate General in Frankfurt.

Turku, Kathmandu or Krakow – there are numerous cities that everyone should have seen. But do you also know exactly where these cities are? Test yourself now!

From the air, Wangerooge looks like a seahorse: the head is in the west, where the ferries dock, the tail in the east, where there are no more houses and the dune landscape is almost untouched. Of the seven inhabited East Frisian islands, Wangerooge is the most eastern. It’s also small – it’s less than ten kilometers from the westernmost point to the easternmost. And from the Wadden Sea in the south to the beach on the north side, you walk ten minutes without having to make any effort. We show you a few impressions of Wangerooge in our photo show. There are no cars on the island, apart from the ambulances, and nobody misses them. It gets hectic on Zedeliusstraße – Wangerooge’s most important traffic artery – at best when buggies, handcarts and bathers get in each other’s way on the way to the beach at peak times. Because there is no point in denying it: in summer it gets tight on Wangerooge. In the main season there are many times more tourists on the beach than the island village has inhabitants.

How well do you know Germany?

Test your knowledge with our darts game and maybe you will learn something too.to the Germany darts game

On tour with the longest-serving mudflat guide on the island

During the day, most island guests are almost automatically drawn to the beach on the north side. In winter storm surges regularly play badly with him, in spring the spa administration lets him get back into shape with sand from the east of the island. And in summer there is one beach chair after the other in front of the spa promenade, in the main season it is practically hopeless to get one more without having made a reservation in good weather. A cycle path leads along the dike with a view over the salt marshes of the Wadden Sea. When the tide is out, there are regular groups wading through the mud with Friedrich-Wilhelm Petrus. Petrus, a white goatee with a tanned face, is the island’s longest-serving mudflat guide and knows every lugworm between Harlesiel and the Wangeroog ferry terminal personally. He has just leaned his hand casually on his digging fork and lets his gaze slide over the group he accompanies for two and a half hours: 35 landlubbers, some of whom are in the North Sea for the first time and who could not distinguish an oystercatcher from a dunlin.

Off to the lonely eastern tip!

If you want to experience Wangerooge in a completely different way, you have to go to the east of the island. The beach promenade ends there for a long time. Strollers are sometimes all to themselves to run on the beach between the dunes and the waves, which have even more space here. For some visitors, Wangerooge is the most beautiful here, especially in the evening when it is really quiet. If you don’t dare to leave the island village behind you in the evening, you can join the staff of the National Park House like Janina. In the summer they offer regular excursions to the eastern tip that last four hours or a little longer, with the bike going to the eastern station of the bird conservationists at "Café Neudeich" and then continue on foot on the wadden side. Janina has everyone line up in a row, close their eyes and then walk very slowly forward – towards the north. The smell changes, the sound of the sea becomes more intense, the wind increases. And when everyone opens their eyes, they are standing on top of the dune ridge and looking towards the North Sea: the gigantic beach that looks much bigger than in the island village.

Photo show: Wangerooge Photo show: Langeoog Photo show: Spiekeroog Photo show: East Frisian Islands

At sunset you get that Caribbean feeling

It has long since dawned when the group circled the eastern tip and gazed at the bird island of Mellum, which lies directly in front of Wangerooge. An oystercatcher couple is crying a few meters away. "Attention" says Janina, "they brooded last week". With all seabirds it is important to keep your distance. Farther away, gulls squat on the ground in droves, maybe 100 or more. Soon after, there are not even any birds to be seen. Only dunes and beach and the North Sea."The sea is the vivid presence of the infinite" The philosopher Karl Jaspers once put it, who comes from nearby Oldenburg. Doesn’t sound wrong. Janina’s group is now heading west again – right into the sunset. The red-orange disk slowly sinks into the horizon, ready for a film, where the beach and lake meet. You blink once – and it’s gone. The air is still mild and there is silence for a while. "There are people who go to the Caribbean for this" someone says. "Yes, that’s right" another replies. "What bullshit."Further information Arrival: Wangerooge asian mail order brides is car-free. Visitors can reach the island by ferry from Harlesiel. There is also a flight connection from there. Information: Kurverwaltung, PO Box 16 20, 26480 Wangerooge (Tel .: 04469/990, E-Mail: kurverwaltung@wangerooge.de, www.wangerooge.de).

He did it again! The Europa Park, which is also extremely popular in Germany, has prevailed against global competition. And that for the third time.

Germany’s largest amusement park, Europa Park in Rust near Freiburg, has been voted again by an international jury of experts "best theme park in the world" been chosen. It won the title for the third year in a row and stood up to amusement parks from all over the world, as a spokesman for the organizers said after the award ceremony in Ohio. According to the information, Europa-Park is the first and so far only park in Europe to have received this award.

Other award winners are:

Best water park: Schlitterbahn Waterpark Resort (New Braunfels / Texas / USA) Best children’s park: Schlitterbahn Waterpark Resort (New Braunfels / Texas / USA) Best park with marine animals: Seaworld Orlando (Orlando / Florida / USA) Best park near the sea: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Santa Cruz / California) Best wooden roller coaster: Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce / Bristol / Connecticut / USA) Best metal roller coaster: Fury 325 (Carowinds / Charlotte / North Carolina / USA)

US trade magazine has decided

The undoped is awarded "Golden Ticket Award" annually by the US journal "Amusement Today". According to the World Association of the Leisure Industry, it is the most important award in the industry worldwide. The reason for the awarding of the prize to Rust was the offer for the whole family as well as the regular innovations. According to its own information, Europa-Park has 3,600 employees and 5.5 million visitors annually. It is run as a family business.

Further information: www.europapark.de, all winners can be found here.

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London, Hadrian’s Wall or Loch Ness: Great Britain has a lot to offer tourists, at least apart from the corona pandemic. But what are the consequences of leaving the EU for holidaymakers? What do you have to consider now?

When will Brexit apply? What will change upon entry? Will you soon have to switch off mobile data on your cell phone? Will I still have health insurance in Great Britain? Are there any changes for car tourists? What will change in air traffic? Will we have to pay customs duties on souvenirs in the future? Can I bring my dog ​​to the Scottish Highlands? Will holidays in Great Britain be cheaper or more expensive? What other changes could there be?

Quickly for a short trip to the Queen, to see the monster Nessie appear in Scotland or to send the children to a language camp on the Channel Coast: Holidays in Great Britain have so far been popular when there is not Corona. But now the Brexit transition phase is over, the British are out for good. What will this change for vacationers? We summarize the most important.

When does Brexit apply?

Great Britain officially left the EU long ago, namely on January 31, 2020. Since then, however, there has been a transition period in which practically nothing has changed.

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This transitional period was replaced at the end of the year by the cooperation agreement that the UK and the EU agreed on Christmas Eve 2020. This averted the unregulated exit, there are initially no world trade tariffs when shopping, and private trips remain visa-free. But if you are planning a vacation, there are still a few things to consider.

What will change upon entry?

Little changes at first. The UK has never been part of the Schengen area, so there have always been ID checks for EU citizens. And money also had to be exchanged. No visa will be required for private trips and trade fair visits of up to six months. There will be a change in nine months: From September 30, 2021, an identity card will no longer be sufficient for EU citizens, you will then need a passport that is valid for at least six months.

Will you soon have to turn off mobile data on your cell phone?

First, the big three telephone companies Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica have committed themselves: It remains "for the time being" everything as it was. In principle, however, they are no longer bound by the EU roaming agreement. After all, as an EU citizen, you still have to be informed by your mobile phone provider when crossing the border about the costs of phone calls, SMS and data usage.

Great Britain tourists should pay close attention to this standard information in the future. Telephoning and using data could be expensive pleasures. Experts believe that rules like those with Iceland and Norway are more likely – both countries adhere to the EU roaming agreement even without EU membership.

Do I still have health insurance in the UK?

The biggest changes threatened health insurance. Until the end of last year, EU holidaymakers who fell ill on the island received all medically necessary medical treatment free of charge if they presented their European health insurance card. It’s over.

The European Health Insurance Card will continue to be recognized in Great Britain, the European Consumer Center announced.